replace a lock on an exterior door

How To Replace A Lock On An Exterior Door

Exterior door locks provide essential protection for you, your loved ones, and your belongings. By keeping people from entering your home without your permission, locks like these prevent burglaries, home invasions, and more. If you recently moved into a new home or if you are ready to upgrade your locks, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to replace a lock on an exterior door.

  1. Purchase a replacement lock. If you remove your existing lock and don’t have another lock ready to install, your door will be without a lock until you get to the store, buy a new one, and install it. That is why most experts recommend buying your new lock before you begin working on your door. That way, you can put the replacement in as soon as the old lock is removed. The best option is to buy a lock that is the same size and style as your existing lock. This eliminates the need to make any changes to the door.
  2. Remove the old lock. Typically, the only tool you will need for this process is a screwdriver. For standard doorknob locks, unscrew the doorknob and take the two sides apart. Then, use your screwdriver to remove the latch. The latch should easily slide out of the hole once any screws have been removed.
  3. Install the new lock. Start by inserting the latch into the hole that you took the old one out of. Verify that it is facing the right direction. Then, attach the interior and exterior doorknobs, screwing them into place.
  4. Replace the strike plate. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the existing strike plate from the wall. Next, install the new one that came with your kit. Ideally, it should line up with the area where the old one was installed, making it simple to screw into place.

Although learning how to replace a lock on an exterior door sounds fairly straightforward, certain factors can make it more complex. For instance, some types of locks are more difficult to install than others. If you are replacing an old lock with a different lock style, the installation process will also be more complicated. You may need to cut new holes in the door or chisel away parts of the door frame. In situations like these, hiring a skilled cerrajero en Madrid like Madrid Cerrajeros makes more sense than trying to handle the installation yourself.