About SLR/DSLR Camera Straps

Made by Meegz is the home of the super functional Quick Release strap. This strap is great to take off to switch to another strap depending on your mood & location. They are also great to get rid of that annoying strap when shooting on a tripod. Finally, you can just take off the strap all together and clip the two ends of the nylon webbing together to carry your SLR with a small handle. You can't go wrong with the QUICK RELEASE STRAP.
*note: not all straps are quick release*

These straps are great to not only add personality to any DSLR/SLR camera but also security. Just think of when you are out shooting and there are a ton of other black strapped slr camera's around. It's easy to make a mistake and pick up the wrong one. Avoid any confusion with a personalized strap!

Funky Fabric
Camera Straps
Handmade with excellent quality

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